• Drink Test Kit

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    Product Overview

    • Helps detect the presence of Ketamine and GHB (see disclaimer below for more information)
    • Booklet includes 10 drink tests
    • Simply place drops of beverage onto each spot and wait until dry - then see if either spot turns to a darker blue color (if so, a positive test result has occurred) 
    • When in doubt with any beverage, discard! 

    WARNING: Although these test strips are designed to detect the presence of GHB and Ketamine, two of the most common drugs used for drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA), more than 20 different drugs have been detected or suspected in cases of DFSA. Some substances found in alcoholic drinks such as tonic water, fruit juices, milk products, oily liqueurs and certain wines can hinder the GHB/Ketamine reaction with the test strips. Perform the test in a well-lit area and make sure both tests are dry prior to testing. Finally, it can take 5 minutes or longer for the detection process to occur for some drinks. Wait until test spots are dry to get a final result. 

    Never leave your drink unattended. When possible drink from a bottle over a glass or cup. If you suspect someone has tampered with your drink or you feel unusually sick, seek help immediately. Remember to always drink responsibly. Watch out for one another. 

    Though these test strips will not detect GHB and Ketamine in the abovementioned drinks, we still believe that this product is beneficial because it will detect these drugs in dozens of additional drinks. By detecting the presence of these drugs, these strips can help prevent sexual assault or even death. Simply carrying the Drink Test Kit with you will help serve as a reminder to be more cautious with your beverages when in public.